We take pride in our sharpening process that has been fine honed for generations. We have top of the line equipment that grinds the edge to the correct angles. Our process includes three different stages to insure the edge strength and quality.

Commercial Cutlery Exchange

When using the cutlery exchange program from Northeast Cutlery, you will never need to buy another knife. One a regular schedule, one of our agents will deliver a fresh sharpened set of knives to your door. Our knives are of the finest quality high carbon stainless steel designed specifically for the demands of a commercial kitchen. We customize a specific set of knives to fit your everyday demands and can also sharpen and replace any food processor equipment blades in your kitchen.

The Commercial Cutlery Exchange program saves your business both time and money because you no longer need to worry about keeping your own knives sharp, and will never have to purchase another expensive knife again.

Our Service Includes:
  • Professional grade cutlery
  • Knives sharpened by trained professionals
  • Weekly knife exchange
Our Products: